Native Americans:

"The Foundation of a Continent"

These sites were selected for their information and insight ABOUT and
FOR the Natives of North America. If you have any comments or suggestions about these or
other sites not listed, write me with the subject title of 'Natamer'.

(Reserved) American Indian College Fund Native American Indian Adventure
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Bureau of Indian Affairs California Indian Library Collections
Diana Elizabeth Stanley - Native American Art Great Sioux Nation The Heard Museum
Indian Health Service (IHS) Indian Pueblo Cultural Center The Mohawk Valley Project
National Museum of the American Indian NativeWeb Navajo Community College
Oneida Indian Nation Pow Wow Dancing UCLA American Indian Studies Center
Native American Indians - Directory NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
Kahon:wes's Mohawk & IroquoisHomepage This Week in "American Indian" History Redheart's Native American Indian Homepage
Native American Links (NITI) Chief Crazy Horse
Native American Resources NITI - Education Native American Healing
Haudenosaunee - Six Nations All Powwows Indians of the Great Basin
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties Indian Country [NEW]

NOTE: This section was inspired from the efforts of Nathalie Kelley, a
non-Native American, to assist the Tribes in Arizona with connecting
into the Internet.
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