"Wierd Webs Archives for 1999"

These are all of the unexpected & unusual sites I found and presented
for the AzTeC FreeNet Meetings in 1999.
Please note that some of these sites may have disappeared
or moved since the presentation (no updating).

A Special THANKS to all the Contributors, Named & unamed!! :-)
The bottom 100 movies
The WEB Lampoon
Historicus: Where people from history rendezvous = [E-mail]
The LoveQuote of the Day Newsletter = [E-mail]
WackyUses.Com (Thanks to DON KENISTON!)
Almanac of Disasters

Dumb Laws
A 6000 Volkslieder, German and other Folksongs - In German!
The Dead Media Project
Crayon - Your own Newspaper! (THANKS to DON KENISTON!)
Nancy's Kitchen and Recipe Exchange [E-MAIL]
The Phobia List

Slanguages American & Foreign
Ancient Roman Dishes
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
National Archives and Records Administration
It'll Never Work!
All About You: A Guide to Your Personality

Dull Men's Club
How to be Obnoxious in French
PhoneSpell ( Thanks to DON KENISTON !)
Book of Insect Records - University of Florida
A Beastly Garden Of Wordy Delights
Mark's Apology Note Generator

Z Media - Free Stuff into Your [E-MAIL]
The Official Shotgun Rules Homepage
dMarie Time Capsule
Ice Cream
Steve's Corner - Truisms & other wisdoms
News of the Weird [Thanks to Joe M. Vinyard for THIS!]

MailBits.com - Quotes, Trivia, and more into Your [E-MAIL]
SlipUp.Com - America's Newspaper Corrections Connection
Global RXData.net" - you and your pet's health records
News Oddly Enough ( Thanks to Don Keniston !)
L.A. County Coroner's Office Gift Shop( Thanks to Kathee Runo !)

Cattle Prod Humor List - CLEAN Jokes into Your [E-MAIL]
ChowHound (Thanks to Randy A. Wertz !)
Real Estate - Home Values (Thanks to Jean Little !)
The Web Word Search (Plus!) (Thanks to Holly Hofman !)
Ye Olde English Sayings (Thanks to Don Keniston !)
Jessica's Useless Page Stuff (Thanks to Mike Schwartz !)

Seeds of Change Garden ( Thanks to Chirin Lin Goodwin !)
Puzzlemaker (Thanks to Holly Hofman !)
The Darwin Awards(Thanks to Don Keniston !)
Snap:Weird News(Thanks to Don Keniston Again!)
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service Home Page
Insect Rights Activists' Official Homepage

A Site for Philologists (Thanks to Don Keniston !)
Assertiveness Inventory[Test] (Thanks to Ty Bass !)
That Explains it!
Ernie's Favorite Palindromes
Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon

Snap.com:Weird ( Thanks to Don Keniston !)
The Famous Trivia Mailing - Trivia into Your [E-MAIL]
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
( Thanks to Ty Bass !)
Tipomatic - Numerious subjects into Your [E-MAIL]
How to Boot a Steam Locomotive ( Thanks to James R. Carter !)
'On Sale' in AZ ( Thanks #2 to Don Keniston !)

Terrorist Use of Chemical Weapons
Computer Virus Myths home page
(Thanks to Don Keniston !)
Caffeine Archive
Dumb Laws (Thanks to Don Keniston !)
8-Track Heaven

Science Humor
Real-time E-mail Translation Machine - Automatic & Free [E-MAIL]
The Skeptic's Dictionary
CyberDiet's Nutritional Profile
The Federal Gateway

I know that 'Wierd' is mis-spelled... which makes this page
strange and off-the-wall in itself! :-)

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