"Wierd Webs Archives for 1998"

These are all of the unexpected & unusual sites I found and presented
for the AzTeC FreeNet Meetings in 1998.
Please note that some of these sites may have disappeared
or moved since the presentation (no updating).

A Special THANKS to all the Contributors, Named & unamed!! :-)
What's that Cliche?
Computer Virus Myths
The Garlic Information Centre (UK)
Gypsy Moth in North America
Surf the Internet Backwards (Thanks to Mark Adkins !)

PhoneSpell (Thanks to Annette Spence!)
Mir-spotting Made Easy!
How to Toilet Train Your Cat
Super Sitter
Weather by E-mail!

Signature Files

Internet Directory for Botany (Finland)
How to Drive Like a Moron
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
A Celebration of Sebastian
Brain Candy (Quotes & Jokes)

inQuiry Alamanck
IQ Test - Self Discovery Workshop
Secrets of the Games Sages
Search the Web by Domain Name
News of the Weird
The National Forum On People's Differences

The Official Sandwich Homepage
The On-Line Treasure Hunter Forum
The Magic Eight Ball
ScienceDaily Magazine
The History of Plumbing

Orbital Debris Quarterly News [NASA]
Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
DefenseLINK News Subscription Via E-mail [DOD]
OnLine Courses
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
MooMilk - Dairy Industry

Science Made Stupid
Talking Dogs Message Board
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Women's Bureau (Department of Labor)
Top 25 College & University Nicknames
The Daily Joke - Daily Humor via E-mail

Spacelink - NASA Fact Sheets
Web interface to the host name
The Time Zone Page
Now For Something Stupid
Obsolete English Names of North American Birds
Web Wizard's FREE Windows 95/98 Newsletter (E-MAIL)

AzCentral's Wierd Web Links (Thanks to ROBERT D. KEENEY!)
The Love Calculator (Thanks to RANDY A. WERTZ!)
The Payphone Project
US/Canada Veterinary Hospital Locator
Working Stiff
International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists = E-MAIL

The Devil's Dictionary - Circa pre-1911
Drew's Script-O-Rama Movie Transcripts
Internet Addiction Test - Serious, Really!
SkewPoint(Thanks to DON KENISTON!)
Online Courses = E-MAIL
Morse Code Translator

The Bureau of Missing Socks - (Thanks to DONALD KENISTON !)
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Gravitational Response Test
The BIG List of Movie Mistakes
"Error Message Contest" Results - (Thanks to MICHAEL L. SCHWARTZ !)
Guide to U.S. Department of Education Programs and Resources
Good, Clean Funnies List = E-MAIL

Twenty Questions - Artifical Intelligence
Daily Tips = E-MAIL
National Center for Education Statistics - (NCES)
True Abduction
International Jelly and Preserve Association - Yummy!
The Book of Cliches (Netherlands)

I know that 'Wierd' is mis-spelled... which makes this page
strange and off-the-wall in itself! :-)

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