"Wierd Webs-2002"

This is a presentation I make for the AzTeC FreeNet each month.
It's a list of the unexpected, unusual, or surprizing places that
I have found on the Internet. Like the rest of my pages,
all are PG Rated!. :-)
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this,
write me with the subject title of 'Wierd'.

                  January 2002                    February 2002
                  March 2002                      April 2002
                  May 2002                        June 2002
                  July 2002                       August 2002
                  September 2002                  October 2002
                  November 2002                   December 2002

I know that 'Wierd' IS mis-spelled, making this page unusual in itself! :-)

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