AzTeC - World membership
(Arizona Telecommunication Community)

Are YOU tired of the Glitter and Glam of the Internet?
Would YOU rather have a 'plain vanilla' access?
Do YOU have limited resources to access the Internet?

The AzTeC Answer!
1. A computer (any flavor) with at least a 1200 baud modem.
2. If no personal computer, public computer access at local library,college,etc.
3. A telnet-capable program
(All Versions of Windows have this already; other systems
may require an additional program that is usually free)
4. A single postage stamp

(Click HERE if outside of State of Arizona)

1. No Graphics or Sound - Child safe access to porn[unless text]
2. Free E-mail - No worries about virus', Trojan horses, or attachments.
3. Access to Newsgroups.
4. Access to the AzTeC's discussion forums such as:
Housework-Challenged Homemakers, Sound Off,
Current Events, Movies, Writing, Pen Pals,
New American, Moms Offering Moms Support,
Archery, Religion, Unsupported Platform Computers,
Philosophy, Windows(all versions), and More!
(Over 35 unique Discussion SIGS!)
5. And that ain't all, folks!

E-mail me, Bruce Smith, about this FREE Service!
Or write the Helpdesk with Your questions or comments
OR visit the AzTeC Freenet thru the AzTeC Page below!

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