Cryptic-cruisin' the Web

With only the hint(?) given below, can you guess 'whatz there' before
you try? Scribe I, subject = 'Cryptic'. A starting hint: These are all
fun spots...or maybe information.... or surprizes that YOU wouldn't
expect to see on the Internet.... hmmmm, I've seemed to forgot.....
:-) Hey, go and have some fun anyway!
"Happy trails to you until we meet again"

We the Carnovorious.....

Rapa Nui

"Everything you need to work the web"

AHH... A fool and their money

"Mother Smothers Favorite Web Site"

Nee, Na, and Nu!

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The Clan after You

Ambiguous Propositions

Instant Noodle Instructions

Hiding in Plain Sight [NEW]

-= "the ruby red slippers..." =-