[Virus Alerts!]

Here you will find resources concerning Viruses, Trojan Horses, 'Time Bombs', etc.

1. DON'T open ANY Attachments that you are not expecting.
"Curiousity killed the Computer"
2. Do NOT e-mail your password to anyone, including 'System Administrator'.
"My snake oil cures everything, wanna buy the brooklyn bridge too?"
3. DO get a good Anti-Virus Program and Keep it Up-To-Date.
"A Condom for Your Computer"
4. You ARE smarter than your computer, so learn how.
"Stupidity is Not inbred"
5. Panic: A sudden, overpowering terror.
"The sky is falling, The sky is..."

Please write me with any corrections, additions,etc.
E-Mail Safety Tips NEW
A 20 year Plague - A history of computer viruses.
Important: Microsoft Corporation does NOT send attachments with their e-mails!
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CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team

CIAC - Computer Incident Advisory Center(U.S. DOE)

COAST - Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology

National Cyber Advisory System - Department of Homeland Security(US)

EICAR - European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research

Virus Bulletin Homepage

SANS - System Administration, Networking, and Security Institute

The WildList Organization International

Cyber Crime

OnGuardOnline.gov NEW

H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH [Free Anti-Virus Program!]
[Note this site requires full browser to visit]

Anti-Virus Update Alert! - ZDNET

Computer Associates - Virus Information Center

F-Secure Computer Virus Info Center

IBM Antivirus Online

Internet Security Systems, Inc.("X-force")

Panda Virus Info - Panda Software

Secunia "Stay Secure"

Security Response - Symantec

Symantec Security Updates

Virus Catcher [Free Anti-Virus Program!]
[Note this site requires full browser to visit]

The Virus Zoo - CNET

Virus Alerts - Computer Problems

ClamWin Free Antivirus

Break the Chain - Stop Junk E-Mail and Misinformation

"Don't Spread The Hoax!" - Internet Rumors/Viruses!

E-Hoax Central - Zdnet


Stiller Research Virus Hoax News

Virus Hoax, Alert, Fraud, Chain Letter and Urban Legend Information

Vmyths (formerly the Computer Virus Myths home page)

HoaxBusters - CIAC


Anti-Virus Web Sites

Guide to Free Anti-virus Software - FreeByte

Anti-Virus Software Manufacturer Links - NakedPC

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WiredSafety - Internet safety, help and education organization

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