English Tongue Twisters

(English Tongue Twisters)
Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for loss of
of speech, mental ability, or sanity during/after
saying any of these(including the title).

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1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters
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I slit the sheets
The sheets I slit
Upon the slitted sheets I sit.
Sunlight was shining from a silver sky?
Whoever slit the sheets is a good sheet slitter.
Mummies make money.
Crush grapes, grapes crush, crush grapes.
An elephant was asphyxiated in the asphalt.
A black bloke's back brake-block broke.
This is a zither.
Fresh fried fish,
Fish fresh fried,
Fried fish fresh,
Fish fried fresh.
There was a minimum of cinnamon in the aluminum pan.
Really leery, rarely Larry.
Big black bugs bleed blue black blood but
baby black bugs bleed blue blood.
Elizabeth has eleven elves in her elm tree.
Aluminum lineoleum, aluminum lineoleum, aluminum lineoleum.
Come, come,
Stay calm, stay calm,
No need for alarm,
It only hums,
It doesn't harm.
Tie a knot, tie a knot.
Tie a tight, tight knot.
Tie a knot in the shape of a nought.
Red blood, green blood
I'm a sheet slitter.
I slit sheets.
I'm the sleekest sheet slitter that ever slit sheets.
Round the rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran.
Busy buzzing bumble bees.
A lump of red leather, a red leather lump.
Nat the bat swat at Matt the gnat.
I shot the city sheriff.
I shot the city sheriff.
I shot the city sheriff.
A lady sees a pot-mender at work at his barrow in the street.
"Are you copper-bottoming them, my man?"
"No, I'm aluminiuming 'em, Mum"
I am not a pheasant plucker,
I'm a pheasant plucker's son
but I'll be plucking pheasants
When the pheasant plucker's gone.
Suzie, Suzie, working in a shoeshine shop.
All day long she sits and shines,
all day long she shines and sits,
and sits and shines, and shines and sits,
and sits and shines, and shines and sits.
Suzie, Suzie, working in a shoeshine shop.
Tommy, Tommy, toiling in a tailor's shop.
All day long he fits and tucks,
all day long he tucks and fits,
and fits and tucks, and tucks and fits,
and fits and tucks, and tucks and fits.
Tommy, Tommy, toiling in a tailor's shop.
Preshrunk silk shirts.
Craig Quinn's quick trip to Crabtree Creek.
Six shining cities, six shining cities, six shining cities.
While we were walking, we were watching window washers
wash Washington's windows with warm washing water.
Peggy Babcock
A big black bear sat on a big black bug.
A bloke's bike back brake block broke.
Sweet sagacious Sally Sanders said she sure saw seven
segregated seaplanes sailing swiftly southward Saturday.
Betty Botter bought some butter but she said the butter's bitter.
If I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter.
So, she bought some better butter, better than the bitter butter
and she put it in her batter and her batter was not bitter.
So 'twas good that Betty Botter bought some better butter.
How much dope could a woodchuck smoke
if a woodchuck could smoke dope?
How much oil boil can a gum boil boilif a gum boil can boil oil?
Good blood, bad blood, good blood, bad blood,good blood, bad blood.
No nose knows like a gnome's nose knows.
Freshly fried fresh flesh
There are two minutes difference from four to two to
two to two, from two to two to two, too.
There once was a man who had a sister, his name was
Mr. Fister. Mr. Fister's sister sold sea shells by the
sea shore. Mr. Fister didn't sell sea shells, he sold silk
sheets. Mr. Fister told his sister that he sold six silk
sheets to six shieks. The sister of Mr. Fister said I sold six
shells to six shieks too!
Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. But if Sally sells
sea shells by the sea shore then where are the sea
shells Sally sells?
She stood by Burgess's fish sauce shop welcoming him in.
Swan swam over the sea.
Swim, swan, swim!
Swan swam back again.
Well swum swan!
Sally is a sheet slitter, she slits sheets.
She sells sea shells on the sea shore;
The shells that she sells are sea shells I'm sure.
So if she sells sea shells on the sea shore,
I'm sure that the shells are sea shore shells.
Tie twine to three tree twigs.
You know New York.
You need New York.
You know you need unique New York.
What noise annoys an oyster most?
A noisy noise annoys an oyster most.
Ripe white wheat reapers reap ripe white wheat right.
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