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The following sites were selected via the strange way they will make you feel good.
If you have any comments or suggestions on these or others not listed,
write me with the subject title of 'Humor'.

(silly, ain't it?!)

The Dialectizer - Translation Service



Craig Dyni's Homepage of Humor Chet Meek's Page of Puns(Canada) The Centre for the Easily Amused
Excuses...excuses..excuses... Glenn Danforth's Humor Factory The Onion Very Extreme Satire !
Acme Catalog - The ACME Tradition(from cartoon fame) Ask Dr. Science The Sandy Lindsey Humor Page
Scampaign 2000 Humor in Stockings The Daily Humorscope - For the Kid in all of us. Nice Expressions to Describe Dumb People Laughing Gas
P45 - Effective time management for the 21st century The Humor Writer Chortler = Extra Fine Sarcasm
The Sub-Standard Model of Particle Physics Fulldeckisms Office Pranks - Planet Wally
Americans With No Abilities Act JimJr's Life in General Jokes
Steven Wright Humor from Fortogden Laugh Lab The World's Most Retarded Puns [NEW]

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