From armchair quarterbacks to the wheelchair round-ballers, it's all for the love of
competition, teamwork, comraditory, $$$, or just plain fun. If you have any comments or
suggestions about these or others not listed, write me with the subject title of 'Sports'.


The Sports Network

"The Complete Australian Dive Directory" (Australia)

Nando Sports Server

International Sailing Federation (ISAF)

British Ultimate Federation (UK)

The Newbie's Guide to Sports

iRACE Home - Auto Racing News

World Sport Centre (UK)

The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online

GoSki! - Worldwide Snow Sports Guide

Disabled Sports Online

The Sports Cage

In The Hack (Curling)

Tune in Sports

Prep Stars Recruiters Handbook

Jim Furtado's [NEW]

ABCofSports - The easiest way to find a sports site.
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