UnKnown Postcard

I have a Japanesse bi-fold postcard that I can not identify and am hoping you might be able to help. If you have an graphic enabled browser(I.E., Netscape,etc), would You take some time to look, translate, and e-mail me with anything you can tell me about it. The JPG file is quite large to show the detail of the Japanesse characters. Both sides of the card have been scanned and combined into this JPG of over 387K in size.

Some information has been translated or explained:
1. The year it was posted might be '1936' or the 36th year of the Emperor's Reign.
2. It is from the Tokyo area.
2. It's some kind of invitation to a promotion celebration from a company(unknown).
3. The individual(?) has just returned from an assignment in Russia.
4. He is being promoted to 'Director of European and Asian Affairs Ministry'(??)

Click Here for the Postcard(388K)

Please e-mail me, Bruce Smith, at either:

An Intriguing Thought: With what little that has translated, this might be a
minor historial item from just prior to World War II
at about the time Japan invaded Manchuria.