Odds and Ends

Finally I have a place to put those sites that I do not
have a section for yet! If you have comments or suggestions on these
or other sites not listed, write me with the subject title of 'Odds'?

GPS General Information - USCG Navigation Center
The Tax Glossary "Cocktail of the Week" - Everything you ever wanted to know... Edmund's Automotive Buyer's Guide - A Consumer's Resource
Virtual World of Spies and Intelligence - Shhh, it's a secret What country is THAT E-mail, or Web Site from? The Culture Finder - World Wide Excellence
The Better Business Bureau (US and Canada) US Consumer Product Safety Commission Useless(?) Information
Consumer.Net Capitol Watch CelebrityEmail.com
Congressional Biographical Directory WackyUses.Com How To Find Mailing Lists
National Address Server Chain Letter Gallery Library Web Pages, Online Catalogs, and System Profiles
Legal Information Institute Vital Records Information for United States Dog Treats
The Urban Legend Combat Kit Cyberlaw Informer Insectclopedia
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Material Safety Data Sheets FSIS Recall Information Center
Econsumer.Gov - In English Interesting.com - History and Stuff Hints and Tips
Encyclopedia of 'Toons All Things Frugal
Behind the Name Stands2 - Acronyms and Abbreviations Ask the White House
Time Lines: Things That Never Were ExcuseList.com Health & Safety Information on Household Products
Lemon Laws USA US States Driving Laws Pseudodictionary
Answer Bag Family First - 100% Family Friendly Job Descriptions & Job Details
Changing Minda The 48 Laws of Power Alternative Fuels Data Center
National Sex Offender Public Registry How to Write a Thank-You Note Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age
The DVD Dossier Enquirerworld.com Top Ten Frivolous Lawsuits [NEW]

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