- "The management of Nature's resources to PREVENT
avoidance, annoyance, destruction, exploitation, or neglect."
THIS is certainly a controversy which always leads to opinions,
actions, reactions, & results over the realistic (and 'common sense'?)
use of these resources. Wheither it's a walk in the local park, a
vacation camping trip or a even fishing/hunting experience...everyone
needs and wants to get away from the everyday and the 'grind'. As soon
as we understand and accept that there must be a balance between us
and the Great Outdoors we can start to appreciate everything that
Nature can and will provide.Personally, I like my hiking, camping,
caving, fishing, hunting, and other 'in-the-wild' activities. They are
relaxing, rewarding, and rejuvenating at the same time. What I do NOT
like are others who either leave 'samples' of their visit or take
'samples' just for the fun of a souvenir.

Here are selected Outdoor Conservation Sites [NEW] to enjoy....

BTW: Whenever you are out there, always remember to take OUT
one piece of trash MORE than you brought in...OK?

Let's all be "Happy Campers"!
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