I DON'T ??????

Need some 'smarts' on what to do WHEN, HOW, WHY, WHAT or WHERE?
Here are some sites that offer Real Help!
If you have comments or suggestions on these or other sites not listed,
Please write me with the subject title of 'Howto'.

BTW: There are also some really neato-keen projects in some of them!

Auto Shop On-Line Do It Yourself HQ Learn2.com - "The Ability Utility"
How to Build a Compost Pile [NEW] The Dollar Stretcher The Home Doctor
"How to repair stains/scratches on wood..." GardenWeb VCR Repair Instruction
Knowledge Hound Hints-N-Tips Rivendell's Botany Page
House Plants Care Free Cloth Doll Patterns SoYouWanna
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Guide For Gardening
ThenSome Cell Phone Manners
Candle Making TipsDb - Handy Household Tips [NEW]

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