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Lady Kat's = Wit and Wisdom in Prose and Poetry. The author is Kathee Runo

Xbowman's HodgePodge = A Well-blended Mix for the Entire Family. The author is Rick Eaton

Bob Schaefer's Home Page = 'Drive on Parkways, Park on Driveways'. The author is Bob Schaefer

Robert Irons' Home Page = Exports, Book Reviews, and Trivia. The author is Robert Irons

Starlene's Home Page = Strong All-around Family Site. The author is Starlene D. Sterwart

Brigadier General John A. Rawlins = A fine study of this famous Civil War general. The author is Patricia M. Wright

Charlie's Place = Flying, Fires, and Friends. The author is Charles Fuhrman

Technical Communication Courses = are taught by Donald F. Doell at Pima Community College in Tucson

And The Greatest of These is Love... = A Site of Life, Both Personal and Friendly. The author is Annette Spence

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