User Account Changes

* To All New Applicants: If you have completed the online registration *
* AND sent in the registration form(1-5 days for in-state, 7-10 days   *
* out-of-state), Please try logging in with your UserID and Password.  *

Warned accounts are those that are dormant for over 1 year or
exceed the 1 Meg storage limit of e-mail & file directory storage.

All DELETED accounts will need to re-register online, verify 
registration information with Randy(rwertz) to activate use.

IMPORTANT: BANNED accounts cannot re-register, their known IPs are
blocked. Reasons for this drastic measure will be provided if needed
(somehow I don't think it will be needed :)

WARNED          WARNED          WARNED          DELETED         BANNED

acuma           acuma           acuma           acuma           mikedr
adame           adame           adame           adame           sept17
adamx           adamx           adamx           adamx           souless
alwold          alwold          alwold          alwold          soulless
amberlie        amberlie        amberlie        amberlie        azlibdis
ams001          ams000          ams000          ams000          azlibs
anndi           anson           anson           anson           dirrosm
anson           ashemail        ashemail        ashemail        dedaco
ashemail        azambo          azambo          azambo          snail
azambo          azki7lx         azki7lx         azki7lx         badsnail
azmac           azmac           azmac           azmac           madsnail
baden           baden           baden           baden           sadsnail
bertdot         bertdot         bertdot         bertdot         quixote
bessiejo        bessiejo        bessiejo        bessiejo        resume
bigtony         bigtony         bigtony         bigtony         getgod
bjornsrd        bjornsrd        bjornsrd        bjornsrd        getgun
blackcat        bkyoung         bkyoung         bkyoung         getfear
bootsy          blackcat        blackcat        blackcat        towed
bui02869        bobw6gab        bobw6gab        bobw6gab        humanist
caffree         bootsy          bootsy          bootsy          ashlite
carolynj        bui02870        caffree         caffree         ceweekly
carrol          caffree         carrol          carrol          winagun
cead530         carolynj        ceaser          ceaser          cpucrime
ceaser          carrol          cen55           cen55           zxcvbnma
cen54           cead531         chicago         chicago         markross
chicago         ceaser          clarke          clarke          getcops
clarke          cen55           clj11           clj11           brothers
cniece          chicago         cniece          cniece          pressrel
cookiec         clarke          cookiec         cookiec         lkyfdeeg
cornball        clj11           cornball        cornball        getvin
daviball        cniece          cuata           cuata           getmatt
dbrad           cookiec         dbrad           dbrad           marmar
ddepert         cornball        djbauer         derwin          allall
djbauer         cuata           donwh           djbauer
donwh           daviball        dougdine        donwh
donwh           dbrad           durham1         dougdine
doomtoo         ddepert         eliza           durham1
doomtoo         djbauer         espia0          eliza
dougdine        donwh           esttsui         espia0
durham0         doomtoo         falchard        esttsui
durham1         dougdine        familys         falchard
eliza           durham1         fgeiger         familys
espia0          eliza           fgeiger         fgeiger
esttsui         espia0          frango          frango
familys         esttsui         fuzzy35         fuzzy36
fgeiger         falchard        frango          gallegos
frang           familys         fuzzy36         gbechter
frang           fgeiger         gallegos        ghamman
franklee        frang           giant           giant
fuzzy35         frango          greet           greet
fuzzy36         franklee        gringa          gringa
gallegos        fredol          gunnut          gunnut
gammy           fuzzy36         jackal          jackal
garrymc         gallegos        james17         james17
giant           gammy           jbaffa          jbaffa
ginman          giant           jblosser        jblosser
greet           ginman          jeffreyg        jeffreyg
gunnut          greet           jeremy          jeremy
helenb          gringa          jerrya          jerrya
jbaffa          gunnut          jimbok          jimbok
jblosser        helenb          joeho           joeho
jclerm          james17         johnnyyo        johnnyyo
jeffreyg        jbaffa          johnsci         johnsci
jeffreyg        jblosser        jojo42          jojo42
jeffreys        jclerm          jsampson        jsampson
jeffreys        jeffreyg        judiart         judiart
jeremy          jeffreys        juliet1         juliet2
jeremy          jeremy          kaipo           kaipo
jerrya          jerrya          kayrose         kayrose
jfb1927         jfb1928         keevin          keevin
jimbok          jhosborn        kingjim         kingjim
jlwii           jimbok          kaipo           kwoods
joeho           jlwii           kayrose         kyles
jojo42          joannd          keevin          lalberti
jsampson        joeho           kingjim         laura
judiart         johnnyyo        kwoods          lcleary
judiart         johnsci         kyles           lernorlu
kaipo           jojo42          lalberti        linden
kaipo           jsampson        laura           lovebug
kayrose         judiart         lcleary         maddman
kayrose         kaipo           lernorlu        may28
keevin          kayrose         linden          melly
kniepm          keevin          lovebug         mlm01
kwoods          kingjim         maddman         mullpm
kyles           kjs01           may27           mungovan
lalberti        kniepm          melly           muzzfoss
lalberti        kwoods          mlm01           nickat9p
laura           kyles           money           nofair
lcleary         lalberti        mullpm          notpit
lcleary         laura           mungovan        orbison
lernorlu        lcleary         muzzfoss        osier
lfddf           lernorlu        nickat9p        osuceo
linden          lfddf           nofair          packj
maddman         linden          notpit          paradigm
maddman         lovebug         orbison         pfarley
marcella        maddman         osier           phillg
may25           marcella        osuceo          pique
may25           maryblum        packj           pliang
megblg25        may25           paradigm        rafvkt7p
melly           may26           pfarley         red911
mlm00           megblg26        phillg          richardr
mlm01           melly           pique           roseshrn
money           mlm01           pliang          rst599
money           money           rafvkt7p        rtdmmea
mullpm          mother          red911          samsa
muzzfoss        mullpm          richardr        samsonz
mzpena          muzzfoss        roseshrn        shubha
nickat9p        mzpena          rst599          simpson
nonukes         nickat9p        rtdmmea         siska
orbison         nofair          samsa           sjheller
osier           nonukes         samsonz         spunky2
osuceo          notpit          shubha          ssemones
packj           orbison         simpson         starchic
paradigm        osier           siska           tbone1
paradigm        osuceo          sjheller        teetal
pfarley         packj           spunky2         tequila
pfarley         paradigm        ssemones        thewheel
phillg          pfarley         starchic        thomasd
pique           phillg          tbone1          tinytim
pique           pique           teetal          twety12
pjlocy          pjlocy          tequila         uncas
pyrian          pyrian          thewheel        volrath
raejo           raejo           thomasd         whendie
rblee           rafvkt7p        tinytim         worsco
rgvano          rblee           twety12         yocca
richardr        red911          uncas           young
richardr        rgvano          volrath
roseshrn        richardr        vukey
rst599          roseshrn        worsco
rtdmmea         rst599          yocca
samsonz         rtdmmea         young
senrab          rwcat
shubha          samsa
shubha          samsonz
simpson         senrab
siska           shubha
ssemones        simpson
starchic        siska
tammywcm        sjheller
tbone0          spunky2
tbone1          ssemones
tcmits          starchic
teetal          tammywcm
tequila         tbone1
tequila         tcmits
thewheel        teetal
thomasd         tequila
thomasd         thewheel
tinytim         thomasd
uncas           tinytim
unknown         twety12

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