These are comprehensive and large resources, some of which contain
information in specific area(s). If you have comments or suggestions
on these or other sites not list, please write me with the subject title of 'Directry'.

WebGator Switchboard - White/Yellow/Blue/E-mail pages HYTELNET - Library catalogs around the world [TELNET] - Comprehensive drug database [NEW] Law Enforcement Sites on the Web
City.Net - Community Resource LawCrawler - Internet Legal Resources BRS Radio Directory (AM/FM)
Cyberstacks Statistics from the US Government
Senior Internet Resource Center
Parenthood Web Landings - Aviation Center for All Collegiate Information
Scam Alerts and Information Suite101 The Internet Movie Database
Not Just Cows - Agriculture World Gen Web Project Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
Official Directory of State Patrol and State Police Sites Telephone Directories on the Web
Cyward's specialized directories World School Directory Pacific Information Resources - Public Records Databases - International Telephone books
EpGuides.Com - Episode Lists for over 1475 TV Shows Toxnet - Toxicology Data
Glossary of Energy Terms - DOE A Dictionary of Great War Slang Public Record Databases - Pacific Information Resources
Librarian's index to the Internet Amateur Radio And DX Reference Guide Public Libraries of Europe
Abbreviations and Acronyms of the U.S. Government Public Record Databases Reference Guides
Baby Names One Look - Dictionary Search English-To-American Dictionary

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