Food & Etc.

The following sites were selected for their variety and flair....both
yuck and yummy! If you have any comments or suggestions about these or
others not listed, write me with the subject title of 'Food'.

Jerry's Diner Medieval/Renaissance Food Home Page Epicurious
Slovenia: Food and Drinks (Slovenia) Snacks African American Recipes Page
The Brewery Butterball
The Internet Chef (Canada) Diabetic Gourmet
The Virtual Kitchen Reynolds Metal Company The Pie Page
The Chocolate Lovers' Page[UPDATED!] HomeArts Recipe Finder The Kitchen Link
Texas Cooking Diana's Link to International Recipes [UPDATED!] PHYS: Nutrition for Normal People
Cookbooks On-Line Preserving Food Safely Cook's Thesaurus
The JelloManiac's Manual Cookie Recipes CopyKat Recipes
104 Things To Do With a Banana Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (SOAR) The BBQ Pit
Margarine on the Web The Creole and Cajun Page (Edible!) Craft Recipes Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen Science In Your Shopping Cart
The Meat Smoking and Curing FAQ Fabulous Foods- Chefs The Boston Cooking School Cook Book (1918)
Asian Recipes Peanut Butter Lovers Club Guide To Wine, Beer, Spirits
The Making of a Myth FatFree - Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes Natural Food Hub
Food Safety News and Safety Alerts Recipezaar A Culinary World Tour
Middle Eastern Recipes Cooking Eggs Native Way Cookbook
Ethnic Recipes How To Make Pie Crusts The Webtender
Cook It Quick! [NEW]

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