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Arizona Telecommunication Computing(AzTeC) Freenet

Formed in August 1994, The AzTeC Freenet serves the citizens of the world
by providing noncommercial access to open information in their local
communities, the State of Arizona, USA, and other resources around the world.

AzTeC Free-Net provides through its Telnet site an opportunity
for its members (30,000+) to exchange ideas through Free e-mail, various
discussion forums (SIGs), and the Internet newsgroups.

System Status

System Status(1/19/03)

IMPORTANT: NO NEW USER REGISTRATIONS CAN BE PROCESSED UNTIL AZTEC HAS FULLY MOVED TO ITS NEW HOME. ASU SUSPENDED NEW USER REGISTRATIONS ON 11/30/02. ASU has said (per the item on the "message of the day" that support for Aztec was to be discontinued. The Aztec Board of Directors has been actively trying to make arrangements so that the interactive system (and content, such as SIGs and web pages) can be moved to a new street address -- as well as the new internet address, of "". Watch this space, for news about what has been done TO DATE, and what ADDITIONAL changes are planned.

General Help

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Non-profit Organizations Hosted by AzTeC

(Arizona based Non-profit organizations can apply for Free web page space!)

Health and Human Welfare

Southwest Prostate Cancer Foundation
Polio Echo, Inc.
American Head Trauma Foundation of Arizona
AZ Us Too - Prostrate Cancer Survivors
Arizona Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Arts and Entertainment

Ballet Etudes
West Valley Youth Orchestra
Release The Fear
US Institute For Theater Technology
Tempe Community Chorus/
PlayHouse Theatre for Children - PTC
Phoenix Girls Chorus
Metropolitan Youth Symphony
Arizona Musical Theatre Institute

Spiritual and Religious

AzTeC House of Worship

Community and Educational

Tri-City Community Service Center
Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP)
Information on Roosevelt School District
Desert Vista High School Marching Band
Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership
For the Birds
Facilitated Communication (FC) Project
Flagstaff Astronomy Club

Computer and Social

"Desert Sages" Retirees Club
Motorola Retirees
ASU Retirees
Arizona Alliance of Computer Clubs (AZacc)
South Mountain Users Group
Las Palmas Computer Club
Computer Club of Apache Wells
Arizona Consortium of Computer Educators (ACCE)
Los Olivos Senior Center Association
Scottsdale Sportsman's Club
AzTeC Genealogy Resources
753rd AC&W Radar Squadron
International Aromatherapy and Herb Association
49 Enduro - Yuma Jaycee Foundation
Dakota Squadron
CyberSpace Seniors
Concerned Citizens of Southwest Chandler
Connecting Arizona Advocates, Inc.
Northern Arizona Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)
Scottsdale Country Acres Block Watch
The Bike Bunch
Apache Wells Homeowners Association
Arizona Pioneers' Home Volunteers' Association, Inc.
Arizona Natural History Association
Arizona JCI Senate
Arizona Council of the Blind, Inc
Arizona Chapter American Society of Indexers
The Autism Society of America's Pima County (Arizona) Chapter
Area Reference Librarians Association
Arizona Riparian Council (ARC)

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AzTeC Freenet Board of Directors;

Position	Name			Username

President       Nathalie Goss           (goss)
Vice President  Rick Lewis              (ricklew)
Secretary       Randy Wertz             (rwertz)
Treasurer       Kathee Runo             (kathee)
		Joe Askins 		(askins)
		Bill Austin 		(austin)
		John Ballentine		(ballnt)
		Alan Downing 		(adowning)
		Larry Mishler 		(mishler)
		Bruce J. Smith 		(bruces)

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