The following is what I see as a reasonable standard:

AzTeC Hosting Proposal: 3/22/03

The AzTeCFreenet can host any Arizona based501(C)(3) organization, 
along with other non-profit groups(case-by-case) free without any 

Minimum Requirements:
	1. The organization requesting hosting must have purposes
and goals inline with the AzTeC Freenet's standards of family
friendly and kid safe. The organization must maintain this
standard through out the hosting period.
	2. The organization's webmaster must be a member of the 
AzTeC Freenet and have functional knowledge and comprehension of 
website setup and maintenance. This includes establishing the 
required 'index.html' file and all associated files necessary 
to a successful website. Must have a working knowledge of FTP, 
HTML codes, and other essential web hosting structures.
	3. No orphanning. This means setting up the website and
leaving it without updating or maintenance.
	3. The organization's website on AzTeC can not be used
for merely forwarding purposes to other hosting organizations.
	4. No PDF files storage or archiving. Only active in-use 
files are acceptable. Text based files are preferred.
	5. A small notice that AzTeC Freenet is the host can be
made on the main(opening) page but is not required.

Note: Other requirements or changes may occur in the future. A
reasonable notification will be given to each organization's
webmaster with a time frame to complete.

Terms of Service:

   1. In consideration of the privilege of using AzTeC Computing
   and for having access to the free information contained within
   it, you hereby release AzTeC Computing, its operators, information
   providers, officers, employees, attorneys, agents, and any other
   institutions with which AzTeC Computing is affiliated from any and
   all claims of any nature arising from its use, or lack of