AzTeC Freenet [Arizona Telecommunication Community]

Formed in August 1994, The AzTeC Freenet serves the citizens of the world
by providing noncommercial access to open information in their local
communities, the State of Arizona [USA], and other resources around
the world through it's World Wide Web site at

This Free-Net also provides through its Telnet site an opportunity
for its members (30,000+) to exchange ideas through e-mail, various
discussion forums (SIGs), and the Internet newsgroups.

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Historical Background:
August 1991 - February 2003 = Arizona State University, located in Tempe Arizona.
We are very grateful for all their honorable support.

February 2003 - PRESENT = EMR Corporation, Located in Deer Valley Arizona.
A High Tech Company with Real People!

We are having a good run folks! Thank You for all the great years of use and support!!

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