AzTeC Freenet [Arizona Telecommunication Community]

Formed in August 1994, The AzTeC Freenet now serves
the citizens of the world (Click here for details)
by providing noncommercial access to open information in their local
communities, the State of Arizona [USA], and other resources around
the world through it's World Wide Web site NEW Home!.

This Free-Net also provides through its Telnet site an opportunity
for its members (30,000+) to exchange ideas through e-mail, various
discussion forums (SIGs), and the Internet newsgroups.

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Historical Background:
August 1991 - February 2003 = Arizona State University, located in Tempe Arizona.
We are very grateful for all their honorable support.

February 2003 - Present = EMR Corporation, Located in Deer Valley Arizona.
A High Tech Company with Real People!

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